About Us


Our Mission…

One Breath, One Hope Inc. is a Connecticut based non-profit organization serving the rare disease community by providing financial support for treatments, advocating for medical research, and helping families get in touch with the information and support groups they need.

We see a community where…

  • Individuals with rare diseases receive the best care possible, no matter where they live, or what their financial situation.
  • The Rare Disease community as a whole benefits from new medical research and treatments.

We believe that…

  • The sustained cooperation of many individuals and organizations over time will lead to a cure for rare diseases.
  • People in need should have access to financial assistance in ways that maintain their dignity.

What We Do…

  • Provide financial support to individuals and their families so they can receive needed treatments, visit specialized doctors and facilities, and aid with any other related expenses such as travel, medical equipment and more.
  • Connect individuals and families with similar support groups and families who can provide valuable information, networking, and emotional support.
  • Advocate for research and education by working with rare disease expert centers, doctors, and hospitals.